"May the passionate 'love under will' which she has stored in this Treasury of Truth and Beauty flow forth from the Splendour and Strength of her work to enlighten the world; may this Tarot serve as a chart for the bold seamen of the New Aeon, to guide them across the Great Sea of Understanding to the City of the Pyramids!"

Aleister Crowley was not usually generous with praise, but these were his words on Lady Frieda Harris, the mind-blowing artist, who compiled the huge breadth of his learning into a beautiful and magical object of contemplation.

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 07714-169 949

Classes currently run on Thursday evenings and Friday afternoons. Send a message for details.


Join me and a group of people curious about Thoth at regular meet-ups in London.

  • Explore the art and imagery of the deck, and the hermetic and scientific ideas behind it
  • Become more intimate with the characters of the deck through visualisation and meditation, and partake of their wisdom and information
  • Bring the correspondences to life by practicing divination together

Subjects visited include 

  • The Tree of Life
  • The 4 elements of Fire, Water, Air and Earth
  • The 10 spheres of the Tree of Life
  • The 22 paths between them & the 22 Hebrew letters
  • Planetary powers and personalities
  • Correspondences across a spread
  • Self-exploration and self-knowledge


More about the deck here