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I will need photos taken close-up in good light, so I can clearly see the lines and fingerprints. This is a bit of a fiddle, but please take the time to make sure that they are neither blurred nor overexposed, and hold your hands comfortably and naturally, without stretching out your fingers (it may be easier if a friend helps).

Please send the following images for both hands:
    1)    Whole front of the hand
    2)    Whole back of the hand
    3)    Close-up of fingerprints (I need to be able to see each)
    4)    Close-up of thumbprint
    5)    Close-up of palm
    1)    One image of you, with both hands held up in front of your face

Sometimes an image is blurred on one side but clear on the other, so please send as many as are necessary for me to see each part of each hand in high definition. If it is not clear if the photo is on the left or the right, please add an R or L to the image name (i.e. R-23235.jpg for the Right hand)

Also I’d like to know if your fingers and thumbs are flexible, very flexible, stiff or very stiff. And how old you are (so I can time things from your life line)


I've always been fascinated by what lies behind and beneath, and the ideas embedded in the Tarot deck provide approaches to thinking about that. It is a lifetime study that continues to be enlightening 20 years in.

And then there are hands, and they are everywhere, holding tight on the bus or giving you change at the newsagent, fingers, lines and gestures telling stories.

I am a consultant member of the British Astrological & Psychic Society